Azores – Blue and green islands

Video of my trip to the Azores islands in Portugal, it’s a great place to have vacations.

Soundtrack: Moby – Homeward Angel (Long)


Entrepreneurs – Steve Jobs

I hate it when people call themselves “entrepreneurs” when what they’re really trying to do is launch a startup and then sell or go public, so they can cash in and move on. They’re unwilling to do the work it takes to build a real company, which is the hardest work in business. That’s how you really make a contribution and add to the legacy of those who went before. You build a company that will still stand for something a generation or two from now. That’s what Walt Disney did, and Hewlett and Packard, and the people who built Intel. They created a company to last, not just to make money. That’s what I want Apple to be.Steve Jobs

A New Car UI

Liked this concept for a car user interface, this way the driver keeps the eyes on the road.

One simple gesture: Dragging up or down is how adjustments are made to the selected setting. Muscle memory instead of high accuracy: By touching the screen with different numbers of fingers, different controls are invoked.

The interface reacts not only to the number of fingers, but also to their distance from each other. E.g. two fingers can be placed close together or further apart to trigger two different modes. The interface will react accordingly and select the appropriate control. This way, anything from the temperature in the car to the next song on a playlist can be selected by a simple swipe with one hand.

The interface adjusts with the sensitivity of each control. Some settings react to very small movements (e.g. volume). Others require bigger movements for more accuraty (e.g. music source).In total, this interface gives distraction free access to eight controls that can be customized based on the driver’s preferences.


Selma Pimentel Storytelling

Went to Figueira da Foz and saw a beautiful painting exhibition by a graphic designer called Selma Pimentel. You can check her Facebook page and her blog.

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The Fundamental Elements of Design

Erica Gorochow is a a freelance designer and animator living in New York. She created a great animated video of design fundamentals and how they are used to build an iconic brand.


The Slow Startup

Do not be afraid of being a slow startup. There is no need to be discouraged or distressed that you are missing out or worthless by not having Facebook like growth per week.

You need time to figure out what your startup is all about and who your real customers are (rather that the fair weather TechCrunch crowd). You need time to build a great product to address that latent audience. You need time to make sure you have the right user experience and right type of community supporting your product. If you are patient, stick to the vision, and continue to execute, the growth will come.Mark Birch


Readable Code

Last week I talked about the importance of writing readable code. Also showed some basic tips and best practices to accomplish that. You can see the slides below.

Download: PDF

Photographers are violent people

Photographers are violent people. First they frame you, then they shoot you, then they hang you on the wall.Anonymous