Design Council explains what is graphic design

Below are some great videos of the Design Council that explain what graphic design is. The main idea transmited is that graphic design is the process of choosing and organizing words, images and messages into a form that communicates and influences its audience. A must watch! I also took some quotes, that I found interesting, from the videos.

What is graphic design?

“Graphic design is about communication, and it communicates through the combination of images and words.”Quentin Newark


“The job of a graphic designer is understanding the material that they are trying to communicate.”Quentin Newark

What is graphic design … the process

“A designer is more or less a visual strategist, has a responsibility which is dualistic. A lot of designers tend to be facing one direction witch is the client is paying so I do what the client says. But we feel here very strongly that we also have responsibility to the people that have to live with that communication.”Neville Brody

What is graphic design … what a graphic designer does

“Arrange layouts, make things look good and clear, choose typefaces and use that typefaces in an attractive and clear way.”Quentin Newark


“We create, if you want, what you can call visual languages for various people to use in helping them communicate to a larger public.”Neville Brody