65% choose iPhone as next phone

A while ago I told some friends that iOS development should be a priority over Android development. They told me I was crazy and that the Android platform will became the most used one. In a survey of 400 consumers, 65% said they expected their next phone to be an iPhone. It seems I was right and that the iOS will be the most used mobile operating system.

Asked what phone they were going to buy next, 65% said an Apple (AAPL) iPhone, 19% said a Google (GOOG) Android, 6.5% said “not a smartphone,” 6% said “I don’t know,” and 2.5% said a Research in Motion (RIMM) Blackberry.

94.2% of iPhone users plan to buy an iPhone for their next phone, improving upon last year’s rate of 93%. If you throw in half of the 2.9% of iPhone owners who were still unsure, the re-buy rate rises to nearly 95.7%.

Android phones were measured at a re-buy rate of 60%, up from 47% last year. “While the improvement is a positive sign,” Munster writes, “Android is still losing 33% of current users to the iPhone. We also note that 38% of Blackberry users expect to switch to iPhone.”

Piper Jaffray

Source: Fortune