Casino games and computer games

Last week went to a casino and noticed that people feel very engaged at casinos. As a computer game player I feel like loosing that king of engage on games. So I started wondering about ideas to bring the concept of the casino games into casual computer and mobile games. So what really motivate that people at casinos? The answer is simple: the change to win more money than the money they invest. I started thinking that traditional computer games should use a similar reward system when the player achieve some level or finish the game. Below are some ideas I had about business models.

  • Put some money on the player’s credit card;
  • Give credit on the store where the player bought the game (Apple store, Google Play, Steam…) so the player can buy other games;
  • Give access to other games, or software, from the same software company;

There are also computer games that mimic casino machines. One example is partypoker that has two options. One is a free-for-play option where users can go and play without deposit real money, and other where players deposit of real money and play with it. Why not bring also a similar real money reward to the traditional computer game players? I think if I had a reward system that keep me motivated for playing I will feel a lot more engaged on playing computer games.