iOS-ification of OS X is inevitable

The iOS-ification of OS X is, at this point, inevitable, and anyone who doesn’t see it, or tries to neglect, is either software-blind or has some kind of interest in that way of thinking.

Federico Viticci

I agree with this quote. Shawn Blanc also added two relevant facts that supported this quote.

  • Apps that started as iPhone apps which then became iPad apps which then also became Mac apps (Reeder being the paramount example);
  • Apple itself making more and more of the features and designs in OS X feel and look like those in iOS.

I will add another one.

  • People want the most similar user experience on apps independently of the device that is running the app. They don’t want learn a new way of interaction if they want to use the same tool.

I think the concept of iPhone being a phone, iPad being a tablet and Mac being a computer will, sooner or later, converge to something unique.

Interactive animation of Vincent Van Gogh – Starry Night

A try to visualize the flow of the famous painting “Starry Night” of Vincent Van Gogh.
The user can interact with the animation. Also, the sound responds to the flow.
Made with openframeworks.


Painting by Associação da Amizade e das Artes Galego Portuguesa

Today I went to an exhibition of Associação da Amizade e das Artes Galego Portuguesa – AAAGP. Founded in 2007 it consits of painters, sculptors, writers, potters, photographers, audiovisual, musicians and other persons just lovers of art and friendship. Nice initiative and work.

Below are some of the paintings I saw at the exhibition. The last one is a painting of the city where I live.

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The Comparison Trap

If you look to the lives of others,
you’ll always find yourself lacking.

Look instead at what you have,
and be grateful.

Reduce your needs,
and be content.

And your life of striving
for perfection, for the future,
will become a life of balance,
of the moment, of inner peace.

Leo Babatua

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Jameson Irish Whiskey Typeface

I went to a coffee and have liked the typeface of the Jameson whiskey logo that was on the counter and took a photograph. 

Asked a friend, that is designer, what typeface was and he told me it would probably be a custom one for the brand. I have done some research on the Internet looking for a typeface that resembles the one of the logo and found the ITC Stone ® SERIF FONT FAMILY.

Periodic Table of Typefaces

Click here to enlarge the image. Portuguese image version here. Seen at: /VAR/LOG. Source: Behance

The Psychology of Color by Painters of Louisville

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Two Hand Paintings of Portuguese Writers painting by Maria Correia and Jorge Correia

I often go to a bookstore with a different art exhibit every month and like to stare at paintings. Here are some pictures of paintings of Portuguese women writers. They are Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen, Rosa Lobato Faria and Teolinda Gersão.

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