Farewell To A Genius

Widely considered a visionary and a genius, Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder, died on 5 October this year, a victim of pancreatic cancer. In a kind of tribute to his legacy, the staff of the Graphic Info World has made an infographic that shows us some of the important moments on the life of Steve Jobs.

Click here to enlarge. Source: http://infographicworld.com/the-life-and-times-of-steve-jobs/

  1. Ricardo Pestana 30 December 2011 16:08:49

    In my opinion the only thing that man gave to this world was Helvetica and competition for his competitors… The competition made possible for us to buy low price computers, but his products were always too expensive, even with their hardware… He was a genius, but not a computer genius. He was just a person with impecable taste that knew something about design, nothing more!

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