iOS-ification of OS X is inevitable

The iOS-ification of OS X is, at this point, inevitable, and anyone who doesn’t see it, or tries to neglect, is either software-blind or has some kind of interest in that way of thinking.

Federico Viticci

I agree with this quote. Shawn Blanc also added two relevant facts that supported this quote.

  • Apps that started as iPhone apps which then became iPad apps which then also became Mac apps (Reeder being the paramount example);
  • Apple itself making more and more of the features and designs in OS X feel and look like those in iOS.

I will add another one.

  • People want the most similar user experience on apps independently of the device that is running the app. They don’t want learn a new way of interaction if they want to use the same tool.

I think the concept of iPhone being a phone, iPad being a tablet and Mac being a computer will, sooner or later, converge to something unique.