Search tokens in iTunes

Just had an idea to improve iTunes user experience. In the that comes with Mac OS X Lion Apple enabled a searching system that makes finding messages easier through the use of tokens. With tokens, you can search by date, name, message contents, or any combination of these.

To find a message in Mail, locate the search bar in the upper right-hand corner of the application. Type in what you remember about the message, perhaps it’s a person or the subject line, and as you type the search field will offer up a list of options, just like Spotlight. Click on any of these search suggestions to insert a token in the search field. For instance to specify a date, you can simply type in a month followed by the 4-digit year.

Here, for example, we’re searching for emails sent from Apple in April 2011 using tokens.

My idea is that Apple could bring the same system to iTunes. They could use tokens like: artist, album, genre, year or date added. I think it would be great to search content through the use of tokens on iTunes.