Selma Pimentel Storytelling

Went to Figueira da Foz and saw a beautiful painting exhibition by a graphic designer called Selma Pimentel. You can check her Facebook page and her blog.

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Wherever Nature Led painting by Sarah Minnis

Below are some of the paintings of Sarah Minnis, they belong to the Wherever Nature Led collection.

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Painting by Conceição Ruivo

Some paintings by the artist Conceição Ruivo.

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Interactive animation of Vincent Van Gogh – Starry Night

A try to visualize the flow of the famous painting “Starry Night” of Vincent Van Gogh.
The user can interact with the animation. Also, the sound responds to the flow.
Made with openframeworks.


Painting by Associação da Amizade e das Artes Galego Portuguesa

Today I went to an exhibition of Associação da Amizade e das Artes Galego Portuguesa – AAAGP. Founded in 2007 it consits of painters, sculptors, writers, potters, photographers, audiovisual, musicians and other persons just lovers of art and friendship. Nice initiative and work.

Below are some of the paintings I saw at the exhibition. The last one is a painting of the city where I live.

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Two Hand Paintings of Portuguese Writers painting by Maria Correia and Jorge Correia

I often go to a bookstore with a different art exhibit every month and like to stare at paintings. Here are some pictures of paintings of Portuguese women writers. They are Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen, Rosa Lobato Faria and Teolinda Gersão.

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Tribute to Cesária Évora painting by Souto Moniz

Cesária Évora was a great Cape Verdean popular singer that died two days ago. Sometime ago I took the following photos of two paintings of Souto Moniz, a Portuguese painter. I think the paintings also illustrate the feeling that Cesária Évora showed us with her music. This is my humble tribute to Cesária Évora.